Long Range/All Housecode Transceiver Kit
Long Range/All Housecode Transceiver Kit
All Housecode RF Transceiver & PowerLinc II
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All Housecode RF Transceiver & PowerLinc II
All Housecode RF Transceiver & PowerLinc
Item# 4831K


  • Transceiver receives power from PowerLinc II
  • Receives all 256 house/unit code addresses
  • 150-foot range

Essential Info

Skip the time-consuming process of setting house codes on your RF receiver with the All Housecode RF Transceiver, which comes preset with all house codes and unit codes enabled, so no setting of the house code dials is required. The transceiver receives all 256 house code/unit code addresses plus commands (On, Off, Bright, Dim, All Lights On, All Units Off, etc.), then filters these signals according to your setup. This information is then presented to the included PowerLinc II, a powerline interface unit that transmits your X10 commands over your household wiring to any X10 device capable of receiving them. Since the All-Housecode RF Transceiver receives its power from the PowerLinc II, no additional power adapter is needed.


What's Included

  • Transceiver
  • PowerLinc II
  • Antenna
  • Mounting bracket
  • Coax cable
  • RS232 cable
  • Instructions
  • RJ-11 cable
  • Splitter jack
  • More Info

    Setting up the All Housecode RF Transceiver is easy. Should you desire to filter or selectively inhibit specific house codes/unit codes, you will need a PC with Windows 98 or later as your OS, a serial port and the supplied RS232 cable.

    Connect the All Housecode RF Transceiver to your PC to assign the X10 address and program unit code filtering. Once the X10 address and zone cycle durations have been set, the All Housecode RF Transceiver can be disconnected from the PC and will respond to X10 signals just like any other X10-connected device. The All Housecode RF Transceiver does not have to be connected to a PC for everyday operation.

    Packaged with an external whip antenna, the All Housecode RF Transceiver will pick up signals from any X10 RF transmitter within its 150-foot range and is equipped with the ability to filter specific house and unit codes, since its vast range may pick up a neighbor's X10 remote. It's even safe for outdoor use if mounted in a weatherproof enclosure.

    The PowerLinc II can send and receive PLC/X10 signals, including advanced extended codes, using simple ASCII communication. The PowerLinc II provides 12VDC 300mA for powering an automation device and also includes a pass-through outlet, so you can power an additional AC device without losing an outlet. You can also use your computer to control your X10 devices with the PowerLinc II.

    The All Housecode RF Transceiver and PowerLinc II can also be purchased separately. The All Housecode RF Transceiver can also be purchased with the TW523 Two-Way Interface Module.


    Transceiver Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:30015
    Dimensions:3.8" x 2.4" x 1.0"
    Weight:4 oz.
    Range:150 feet
    Input Power:120VAC, 60Hz, 4W
    Output Power:9VDC, 100mA
    Receiver Frequency:310MHz
    Operating Temperature:20° F to 125° F

    PowerLinc Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:1132b
    Dimensions:4" x 2 3/8" x 1 3/8"
    Weight:8 oz.
    Warranty:2 years, limited


    All Housecode RF Transceiver & PowerLinc II       
    All Housecode RF Transceiver & PowerLinc II       


    16 Ratings
    5 star: 50%  (8)
    4 star: 25%  (4)
    3 star: 6%  (1)
    2 star: 12%  (2)
    1 star: 6%  (1)
    Average Customer Rating
    (16 customer ratings)
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    John Caron -- Ontario   11/14/2012
    Works very well with my X10 devices. I haven't had any problems with it. Of course they discontinued it.
    DENNIS -- jupiter, FL   7/7/2011
    Great product but instructions not very well done.
    DAVID -- canton, MS   2/19/2011
    I'm impressed at how well this transceiver works and how far the range.
    ED -- fairfax, VA   1/16/2011
    I use this only for RF control for all house codes. Performance is erratic. Some RF commands cause adjacent numbered devices to also respond. Also sending a 4 ON will cause sometimes cause 12 to respond. Unit locks up and has to be restarted even though the Powerlink is not being used for programming. Again the Activehome product works better but burns out in 2 years (I have been through 3 of them).
    JOSEPH -- londonderry, NH   12/31/2008
    Works great when it works but seems to lock up from time to time. Must unplug for a few hours to reset.
    ERIC -- hampton, NH   5/28/2008
    Works very well
    STUART -- la mesa, CA   1/2/2008
    This device works beyond my expectations! Excellent range, so I not longer need a repeater. Covers multiple house codes so I no longer have interference caused by multiple transceivers that are close to each other.
    MARK -- westlake, TX   12/27/2007
    So far so good. I am only controlling 2 devices currently, but this gives me more options for the future.
    Ken -- Springfield OH   12/12/2007
    I purchased one of these units to achieve greater range than one of the compact, plug-in units. I intend to incorporate a couple of wireless motion sensors into my system and the compact unit was not able to recieve the signals at sufficiently great distances. This unit recieves signals at distances nearing 100ft (maybe beyond, but I did not test), including through the walls and foundations of my house.
    JERRY -- whitecourt, AB   11/7/2007
    Great, only one transceiver needed with great range
    Bob -- san jose, CA   10/19/2007
    It works great when it works. However my first unit died after 6 months. I spent an hour on hold and got it replaced under warrantee. My replacement unit has just died about 8 months latter. I'm ordering another, because I've gotten accustomed to the convenience. But I wish there was a reliable solution.
    CHARLES -- san antonio, TX   10/18/2007
    This whole house transceiver works great (unlike others I've tried) and has great RF range and X10 strength. Plug and play. But one of the key cords required (the one which connects transceiver and powerlink) is hidden in the packaging material in the Powerlink box. Thanks to Customer Service for helping me find it.
    ROBERT -- bethesda, MD   9/21/2007
    Coax cable too short to be practical. At these prices outdoor bracket shoud be stainless (+$.99). V572A had no base for mounting. R11-R45 cable was bad. Did extend EaglEye range by 50ft, however, presumably by providing outside antenna.
    -tog -- silicon valley, CA   8/26/2007
    Changed everything. Instead of remotes working when they feel like it, they are actually more reliable than in-wall switches! The result was actually so revolutionary that I ordered a second unit to have around in case the first ever fails and the company has disappeared. I never want to go back to the "old days."
    NED -- redmond, WA   7/18/2007
    Appears to be working as designed.I really like the idea of one unit that does all house codes also with the external antenna I get great coverage. This is my second copy of this device the first did not seam to stand up to power outages. And the unit doesn’t seam do work well behind a battery back up.
    RICK -- san diego, CA   7/18/2007
    This is one of those 'Why didn't they think of this sooner!' products. I replaced about five or six transceivers and got better results/response with this unit. I especially like being able to lock out certain house codes that I do not use. I am not the only person in the neighborhood who uses X10 modules. I had the same problem with Wireless Network Access Points for Internet usage. Being able to use an RF Transceiver allows me to overcome the problem of having aluminum wiring in my house. I have used all of the bridges and repeaters, etc. I could get my hands on to overcome the trouble with aluminum wiring. They did not solve the problem. Using RF is the best solution for me. And having an All Housecode RF Tranceiver is cheaper and more effective.
    DANIEL -- beaverton, OR   4/14/2007
    Works Great! Eliminated 4 older transceivers that each covered just one housecode. Improved my PalmPad reliability all over the house.
    CHARLES -- silver spring, MD   2/24/2007
    The All Housecode RF Transceiver & Powerlinc has improved the use of all of my remotes; however it does not handle the dimming function. This is a real disappointment and should be fixed.
    DAVID -- north stonington, CT   2/14/2007
    Working distance of 6 button RF remote is out to 500 ft with transceiver antenna in house.
    TIM -- maple lake, MN   2/11/2007
    Works Great, 150 feet is exaggerated but no need to have receiver in each from for each house code. I use 6 different house codes.


    All Housecode RF Transceiver       
    All Housecode RF Transceiver       

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