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Get 960 Hours of Surveillance Video on One VHS Tape!
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24 & 960-HourTime-Lapse VCRs
24 & 960-HourTime-Lapse VCRs
Go up to 40 days without replacing a video cassette with this 960-Hour VCR.
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  • Choose between two models that can record up 24 or 960 hours on one standard VHS tape
  • Record 24 hours of real-time video with audio, or 960 hours of time-lapse images (960-hour model only)
  • Connect it to your security system for instant recording when an alarm signal is received
  • VCR automatically switches from time-lapse to real-time mode during alarm activation
  • Adjust the unit to meet your needs with its 15 selectable recording speeds
  • Displays a horizontal resolution of 300 lines (color) or 350 lines (black & white)

Purchasing Information

Want to record the happening in and around your home while you're away? Then you'll need a time lapse VCR. Regular VCRs will only partially do the job for recording the comings and goings on your property. With a standard T-120 tape, six hours is the longest one cassette will record. Using longer tapes like T160, T180, or T200 tapes, all of which are hard to find and break easily inside the VCR, will only provide a few more hours of recording time. While that may be enough for an overnight surveillance or while you're away at work, it is not going to last if you're away for longer periods of time.

The 960-Hour Real-Time/Time-Lapse VCR offers 15 selectable recording speeds ranging from 2 to 960 hours. Record up to 24 hours of real-time video with audio or up to 960 hours of time-lapse video images on a single tape! The 24-Hour model records at near real-time speeds and it records audio. This model will record up to 36-hours on one standard T-120 VHS tape.

Both models are affordable yet offer a high-quality display horizontal resolution of 300 lines for color surveillance monitoring, or 350 lines for black & white surveillance monitoring. It can record either manually, with a press of the record button on the front panel, or it can be programmed to record at specific days and times. You can even connect it to your security system to begin instant recording when your alarm is triggered!

Other selectable features include a time/date stamp (or no time/date stamp at all), and an auto-repeat recording mode that rewinds the tape to the beginning and resumes recording when the end of the tape is reached. The unit can play back tapes at the same speeds in which they were recorded, or can be set for slow motion or accelerated playback just by using a different playback speed. Includes a remote control that uses two AA batteries (sold separately).

Note: Time-lapse VCRs accept only baseband video signals that come from cameras, other VCRs, or the audio and video outs of a DVD player, cable box, TV or monitor. They can't accept modulated signals.


Recording method: Dual-azimuth 4-head rotating helical scanning system
playback time: 
24-Hour Model;
2, 6, 18, 24, 36 hours (when using T-120 tape)

960-Hour Model;
2, 6, 18, 24, ,36, 48, 72,
96, 120, 168, 240, 360, 480, 720, 960 hours (when using T-120 tape)

Specified video
cassette tape
VHS 1/2 inch video cassette tape
Audio recording: In 3,12 18 and 24 hour modes
Video Input &
Video Output:
1Vp-p, BNC, 75 ohm, unbalanced
Horizontal resolution: B/W mode 350Lines
& Color mode 300 Lines
Audio Jacks RCA pin jack Input
RCA pin jack Output
Microphone Input
Connectors Alarm Input
Panic Input
Series Input
Alarm Output
End Output
Series Output
Switch Output
Warning Output
Operating temperature range:  41� F to 104�F
Power requirements:  AC90~240V, 50/60 Hz 11 Watts
Dimensions:  14.1"(W) x 3.5(H) x 11.4 (D)

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